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New Release of NetVault Backup 10.0.1
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New Release of NetVault Backup 10.0.1

We are excited to announce a new version of NetVault Backup which is now ready for download.

Look What's New:

NetVault Backup 10.0.1
- Web UI Workflows updated- Reducing complexity for managing diverse environments
- 24 new and updated reports - Improved insight for notifications and job status detailed and historical summary reports
- Tape and Tape Management control and functionality improved to reduce complexity for backup performance
- Support added for RDA version 3.1 for DR appliances
- 70 customer reported defects fixed from initial 10.0 launch

NetVault Backup Plugin for VMware 10.0.1
- Virtualization improvements: VMware plugin 10.0.1 offers bug fixes and support added for VMware VDDK v5.5.2.
For more information about the VMware VDDK v5.5.2 please see release notes.


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